This article is about a/an location in Madan Senki Ryukendo.

Akebono City is a small community that resides somewhere in Japan. It was often plagued with demon activity due to residing on a Power Spot. It is also the headquarters to a branch of SHOT, which defended its citizens from the Jamanga using the Madan Warriors.



Explosive Run! Tomica Hero Grand Prix

During the Tateishi City Grand Prix, the Core Vehicles race through Akebono City.

Tomica Hero: Rescue Force The Movie: Rescue The Mach Train!

After the events of Ryukendo, Akebono was a peaceful quiet town with no monster activity. However, after the runaway Mach Train was stopped at the Nouvelle Ginza station, Akebono was the battleground for Rescue Force's Super Rescue Max against Dr. Maddo and his Metal Train. Dr. Maddo was defeated and was dangling from a street lamp and the Police Department and officers Kenji Narukami and Juushirou Fudou arrested him and took him into custody. All three former Madan Warriors saw Super Rescue Max and saluted their successors before Rescue Force returned to base.
Super RMax vs. Snake Train

Super Rescue Max fights the Metal Train in Akebono City

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