This article is about a/an Core Vehicle in Tomica Hero: Rescue Force.
CS Fire scan
Core Striker Fire
Number: none assigned
Pilot: R0
Season: Tomica Hero: Rescue Force
First Appearance: Tomica Hero: Rescue Force The Movie: Rescue The Mach Train!
Last Appearance: Tomica Hero: Rescue Force The Movie: Rescue The Mach Train!
Number of Episode
Full list of appearances
Length: 4.5 m
Width: 1.7 m
Height: 1.5 m
Weight: 1 tons
Speed: 450 km/h

Core Striker Fire (コアストライカーファイヤー Koa Sutoraikā Faiyā?) is a modified black and red Nissan 300ZX police vehicle which serves as R0's personal transport and briefly served as the Core Vehicle for controlling Zero Fire in the movie.


On the surface, Core Striker Fire is identical to Core Striker's old body with a different color scheme of black with red flames. However, what differs it from Core Striker is that it can be activated via voice command from Reiji's headset and it has a mobile Rescue Suit Equip Chamber hidden in its trunk which activates and deploys upon Director Reji scanning his Build Up card into his Rescue Commander. It also housed the Rescue Zamber somewhere underneath its chassis near its left exhaust pipes, which could be launched upon voice command towards R0. It also appeared to have its own A.I. like Core Striker, as it briefly spoke and drove itself towards Reiji and picked him up after the battle with the Axts was over.


Rescue The Mach Train!

Core Striker Fire was first deployed inside the Zero Fire by Director Reiji Osakabe when he saw that R1 Max and R2 were too overwhelmed by the onslaught of Axts and the Three Executives to remove three boulders the trio had placed on a bridge to derail the Mach Train. After summoning all the medium Rescue Vehicles to remove the boulders and save the train, Reiji then called for Core Striker Fire to come to him so he could transform into R0 to aid R1 Max and R2 in defeating the Axts, even summoning the Rescue Zamber in Javelin Mode from the car to destroy all of the Axts. After the battle, Core Striker Fire comes to pick R0 up and after lecturing R1 Max and R2, R0 drives off.

Rescue Card

Summons R0's personal car. This card was a toy exclusive only, as Core Striker Fire was summoned by a headset used by R0 in the movie.
Zero Fire Card

Core Striker Fire Card


  • It is possible that the mobile equip chamber in Core Striker Fire is a prototype or a one-off device for the Director's personal use, as it never appears again or is used after the movie. The Rescue Force team after the movie usually heads back to Rescue Phoenix to don their Rescue Suits like always in the TV show.
    • If the movie was canon, this mobile equip chamber can be seen as an experimental technology which led to the development of the Rescue Megaphone a year later, which allows its users to equip their gear at any given location.
  • CSF RF Credits

    Core Striker Fire during the ending credits of Rescue Fire

    Core Striker Fire is one of many vehicles from the past season which can be seen at the end credits of Rescue Fire during first half of the show. It is parked in the garage next to Rescue Diver.


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