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Dark Striker
Dark Striker
Number: none assigned
Pilot: AI Daen
Season: Tomica Hero: Rescue Force
First Appearance: The Ultimate Combination! Enter Rescue Max
Last Appearance: The Ultimate Combination! Enter Rescue Max
Number of Episode
Full list of appearances
Length: 25 m
Width: m
Height: m
Weight: 50 tons
Speed: 250km/h

Dark Striker (ダークス トライカー Dāku Sutoraikā?) is a firetruck mecha that was in an episode of Tomica Hero: Rescue Force. It was an evil black and gold replica of Rescue Striker, with a minor difference notably being the Neo Terror insignia on its front instead of the Rescue Force "R" symbol. Like Rescue Striker, its "Final Rescue" is the Water Cannon.


Daen conceived the idea of the mecha as part of a backup plan if he was ever defeated to destroy the Rescue Force by using Dark Striker with the support program AI Daen as its pilot. The Three Executives constructed the vehicle to AI Daen's specifications based on memories from Obuchi that were part of the evil car's programming. The car lured Recsue Force into a trap and then activated Dark Striker to cause disasters, with R1 chasing him in Rescue Striker while the rest of the team was handling the forces of Neo Thera. While R1 tried to destroy the dark doppelganger with Rescue Striker's Water Cannon, AI Daen countered it with his own. When R5 tried to back up R1 by deploying all the medium Rescue Vehicles, AI Dean predicted this move and stole them to execute a Rescue Fusion. An overpowered Rescue Striker was in danger of losing, but Rescue Saver had completed modifications to be configured into Rescue Max with Striker. R1 ejected out of Striker to aid R2 as R1 Max and pick up Rescue Saver while Core Striker Max bought his partner time by trying to hold off AI Daen.

Despite his best efforts, Core Striker Max in Rescue Striker got caught in Rescue Shovel's grip and was almost crushed until Rescue Saver intervened. The two vehicles combined into Rescue Max and an overconfident AI Daen thought it could beat the robot by using its calculations, but it found the movements and behavior of the robot's pilots hard to predict due to R1's growing nature as a human and his limitless Rescue Soul. The Dark Striker was flipped over by Rescue Max with a suplex which freed the Rescue Vehicles (but badly damaged them), AI Daen recovered and tried to blast the robot with Dark Striker's Water Cannon, but it was blocked and neutralized. Both the Dark Striker and AI Daen were then destroyed by being frozen by Rescue Max's Final Rescue, the Max Cannon and then smashed by a punch from Rescue Max.


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Combined From: Dark Striker, Rescue Riser, Rescue Shovel, Rescue Drill, Rescue Turbo, Rescue Dozer
Pilot: AI Daen

An unnamed Rescue Fusion occurred when AI Dean placed the Medium-scale Rescue Vehicles under his control.


  • Dark Striker is the only evil replica of a Rescue Vehicle in the franchise.


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