This article is about a/an final attack used in Tomica Hero: Rescue Force and Tomica Hero: Rescue Fire.

A Final Rescue is a special ability used by the Rescue Force and Rescue Fire teams to stop Super Disasters and Extreme Fires using their Rescue Vehicles. The Final Rescues are activated by scanning Rescue Cards into the Rescue Commander or by pulling down the lever of the Rescue Megaphone to its fourth gear position.

Due to the potential damage a Final Rescue can cause or the possibility it can make a disaster worse, the supervising commander overseeing the rescue operation must make a judgement call on whether a Final Rescue should be authorized. Once approved, the teams use the Final Rescue or several Final Rescues to stop a disaster or defeat the enemy target causing the disturbance.

List of Final Rescues

Rescue Force

  • Rescue Striker: Water Cannon
    • Riser Striker: Riser Splash
    • Drill Striker: Drill Boost
  • Rescue Max: Max Cannon
    • Rescue Max Drill-Dozer: Max Blaster
      • Super Rescue Max: Drill Blaster
        • Super Rescue Max Crane: Super Max Blaster

Rescue Fire

  • Fire Dragon: Ice Tornado
  • Dozer Dragon: Bind Crash
  • Turbo Dragon: Blast Hurricane
  • Jet Falcon: Aurora Break
  • Heli Falcon: Freeze Corridor
    • Super Jet Falcon: Super Aurora Break
  • Great Wyvern: Infinite Thunder
    • Great Wyvern GX: Great Hurricane
  • X-Dragon: X Meteor Punch
    • Rescue King: X Crash
  • Fire Phoenix: Freezing Cannon

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