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A Hyper Rescue Worker

Hyper Rescue is a real life firefighting special task force of the Tokyo Fire Department that is a sub-branch of the Japanese Coast Guard's Special Rescue Team (SRT). While their operations are based in Toyko, Japan, they are able to deploy to anywhere in the country for rescue operations.

The task force was created in 1996 after the Great Hanshin earthquake devastated the country and overwhelmed normal rescue workers, thus the Japanese government felt that a special hyper response team would better suit handling specific emergencies. The Hyper Rescue Team is trained for containing biohazards, firefighting, earthquakes and natural disaster prevention and rescue, search and rescue and Coast Guard rescue.

In 2011, the Hyper Rescue Team responded to the Fukushima Disaster at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant, evacuating citizens and workers and tried to prevent the damaged reactors from reaching critical meltdown using sea water pumped into their fire engines to cool the reactors. The 119 crews bravely risked lethal radiation exposure to try and stop the disaster and 20 of them were successful in stopping Reactor 3 from reaching critical meltdown. The team has received worldwide recognition and praise for this selfless act of heroism and bravery.

Tomica Hero: Rescue Force and Rescue Fire

In Episode 41 of Rescue Force, Captain Ishiguro's older brother Eiichi of the Tokyo Fire Department pays a visit to give a special lecture with him on Rescue Force and Hyper Rescue to children who want to be firefighters when they grow up. The two showcase the Rescue Vehicles and their real-world vehicle counterparts, Hyper Rescue itself and Rescue Force's equipment.

In a story arc of Rescue Fire, the team detected heat signatures of the Jakaen in Nagoya, who were searching for a Blue Orb. During thier time there, Riku Taiga collaborated with the Nagoya branch of Hyper Rescue and both teams worked together to stop Extreme Fires.


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