This article is about a/an episode in Tomica Hero: Rescue Force.
Kyosuke in Jeopardy: Break the Vault Open
Tomica Hero: Rescue Force, Episode 7
RF Ep. 07
Air date May 17, 2016
Episode Guide
The Children and Rei: Bridging the Rainbow
Core Striker: Believe in Your Teammates

Kyosuke in Jeopardy: Break the Vault Open is the seventh episode of Tomica Hero: Rescue Force. It features the debut of the Rescue Tool, the Rescue Crusher.


Kyosuke gets an accidental injury caused by R1 during a closed test of a new Rescue Crusher tool. While visiting a friend of his at the World Financial Services Agency, he demonstrates the disaster-proof vault that the World Rescue Union had built for the bank, unaware a burglar has got himself trapped inside. When the Three Executives decide to burn down the building using fire monsters to collapse the world economy, Kyosuke gets trapped inside the vault with the burglar and an injured girl.


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Special Guest Star:


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Rescue Vehicles Used:

  • Rescue Striker
  • Core Aider
  • Core Stirker


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