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This article is about a/an set of transformation and power-up items in Madan Senki Ryukendo.

Madan Keys are a set of magical keys used by both the Madan Warriors and the Jamanga.

List of Madan Keys

  • Ryuken Key- Ryukendo's Transformation key
  • Fire Key- A key that contains fire magic, used by Ryukendo to change into Fire Ryukendo form.
  • Aqua Key- A Key Infused with water magic, Used By Ryukendo to activate his Aqua Ryukendo form.
  • Ultimate Key- A key infused with massive magical energy from Akebono's Power Spot, it allowed Ryukendo to access his Ultimate Ryukendo form. The key was no longer usable after the defeat of GrenGhost, as it had dissolved away.
  • RyuGun Key- RyuGuno's Transformation key
  • Shot Key- A standard attack key. When loaded into the GouRyuGun, it activates RyuGuno's Dragon Shot attack.
  • Final Key- A set of Keys used by all the Madan Warriors to activate their Final Break and Final Crush finishers.

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