This article is about a/an team in Madan Senki Ryukendo.

The Madan Warriors (魔弾戦士 Madan Senshi?): Ryuguno, Ryukendo, and Ryujino.

Madan Warriors is the team that members includes: Kenji Narukami, Juushirou Fudou, and Koichi Shiranami.


Each Madan Warrior has a set of keys to either execute an attack, or summon a JuuOh , an animal spirit of the Earth. When Kenji and Fudou power up to God Ryukendo and Magna Ryuguno, their JuuOh become ChouJuuOh , stronger versions of their previous forms.


(God) Ryukendo Kenji Narukami
(Magna) Ryuguno Juushirou Fudou
Ryujino Koichi Shiranami

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