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Maen 2
Gender: none
Villain Type: Commander of the Neo Thera
Season: Tomica Hero: Rescue Force
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
Number of Episode

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Actor: [[Chiwa Sato (Maen)
Keiko Sakai (Batsu)]]

Maen is the second commander of Neo Thera

Character History

Rescue Force

Rescue The Mach Train!

Maen appeared in the movie as an ally to Dr. Maddo, offering to help him destroy the Mach Train as a means of causing disasters. She later scolded her subordinates after failing to derail the train at a bridge due to the intervention of R0. After the defeat of Dr. Maddo, she expresses disappointment and frustration over being beaten by Rescue Force again, stating she should have never trusted a human to do her dirty work.

FINAL Stage Show

Maen was revived in the Tomica Hero FINAL Stage Show, she teamed up with the Jakean and attacked Fire-1 and the Rescue Fire Team. She was eventually defeated again by Fire-1 X and the combined teamwork of both Rescue Fire and Rescue Force.
Maen Stage Show apperance

Maen teams up with Jokaen to take down Fire-1 and Yuma Megumi.




Maen is a hard light holographic A.I. that claims to be the "daughter" of Daen. She is a bratty gothic lolita girl who often gets into tantrums when things don't go her way and sometimes abuses her subordinates. She has a verbal tic of finishing her sentences with "Da" or "no Da".


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Batsu (バーツ Bātsu?) is the true form of Maen. An evil ancient nanocomputer that wants to eradicate the human race for altering the course of Earth's future. Originally lacking the power to achieve this form, Maen finally became Batsu after absorbing the energy of Super Rescue Max Crane's Super Max Blaster by tricking the Rescue Force team with a fake fire storm disaster. In its full form, Batsu is armed with multiple laser cannons, a powerful energy barrier that only a Super Final Rescue could break and its nanobots could repair any outer damage and spread across the globe in an attempt to eradicate humans.



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Behind the Scenes

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