This article is about a/an transformation device in Tomica Hero: Rescue Force.

"Max Chakusō!"
―R1 when scanning the Max Up card.

―Rescue Commander upon scanning the Max Up card.

"R1 MAX! Chakusō Complete!"
―R1 after the transformation is complete.

Max Commander

Max Commander

The Max Commander (マックスコマンダー Makkusu Komandā?) is R1's personal Rescue Commander and transformation upgrade Rescue Tool. Using this device allows R1 to transform into R1 Max and gain access to the Max Divider.

The original R1 made the device in order to create a powered-up Rescue Suit, but all it did was cause recoil damage to the user. It was eventually put away until the plans for the suit were accidentally rediscovered by the new team fooling around in the storage room. When they took it to the captain, he showed them both the commander and the Max Divider, culminating into Hikaru attempting to- and expectedly failing to- go into Max mode.

After several painful damage sparks, by using data from the recently-upgraded Core Striker Max, the Max Commander finally works and is able to initiate Max mode. For the special occasion, R1 slashes the card vertically.

Rescue Cards

  • Max Up (マックスアップ Makkusu Appu?)- Activates R1's Max form
  • Max Hyper Up- Activates Rescue Fusion between Rescue Striker and Rescue Saver to form Rescue Max. The card can be used again to fuse Rescue Drill and Rescue Shovel to form Rescue Max Drill-Dozer. This card can be also used alternatively to fuse Rescue Saver with Rescue Striker to form Super Rescue Max and augment Super Rescue Max with Rescue Crane to form Super Rescue Max Crane.
  • Max Cannon- Activates Rescue Max's Final Rescue

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