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Max Divider

Max Divider (Divider Mode)

The Max Divider is the main weapon of the Max suit. When R1 goes Max mode, the Divider is kept in a "compact" state on his wrist, and when needed, it builds itself up into its full state. Although its power has been overshadowed by the Zamber, R1 continued to use it until episode 49, the last time the Max mode was used in battle.

The weapon was created by the original R1, who intended to use it with a powered-up Rescue Suit. However, considering said project failed miserably, the divider was put into storage.

When Hikaru succeeds in going Max, he summons the Divider for the first time in history, finally ready to take action- and completely creams an array of cannons plus an entire army of Axtos, as well as the Neo Terror Trio and Daen- all in one hit.


  • Divider Mode:
  • Sword Mode:
    Divider Sword Mode

    Max Divider (Sword Mode)

  • Drill Mode:
    Divider Drill Mode

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