This article is about a/an movie exclusive enemy mecha in Tomica Hero: Rescue Force.
Metal Train snake form
Metal Train
Number: none assigned
Pilot: Mataro Madano
Season: Tomica Hero: Rescue Force
First Appearance: Tomica Hero: Rescue Force The Movie
Last Appearance: Tomica Hero: Rescue Force The Movie
Number of Episode
1 Film
Full list of appearances
Length: m
Width: m
Height: m
Weight: tons

The Metal Train was a high speed public transit vehicle that was developed by Mataro Madano as a prototype design for the Mach Train project, but it was rejected by the Nouvelle Ginza railway company. Feeling humiliated and outraged that his design wasn't chosen, Mataro received the aid of Neo Thera in converting the train into a dangerous mecha that hijacked the newly built Mach Train for the purpose of creating a devastating explosive train wreck that would destroy the main branch of the Nouvelle Ginza company and the entire city it resided in. The mecha was destroyed by Super Rescue Max.


In its normal mode, The Metal Train was equipped with cybernetic tentacles in the rear for grabbing and locking the Mach Train in place and gun turrets for keeping Rescue Force away from it. In its Snake Mode, it could fire a barrage of lasers, a "mouth", and two long tentacles and a coil like body which it used to try and crush Super Rescue Max.


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