Naomi Okamura

Naomi Okamura

Naomi Okamura was the first R3. She's currently the chief of UFDA's System Develpoment Department and head of Anti-Android Research Section. She usually works with Ritsuko Kanzaki.

Korean name: 마리 (Marie)

Early days

Naomi Okamura was part of Rescue Force along with Obuchi (R1), Kamiya (R2), Natsuno Nanbu (R4), and Eiji Ishiguro (R5). She witnessed Obuchi trying the newly developed Max Commander, but the program failed and knocked him out. Okamura and Ishiguro came to his aid.

When Rei Kozuki joined the UFDA, Naomi became her instructor and was the one who taught her how to smile.

Rescue Force

info coming soon...

Episode Appearances

  • Ep. 6 - The Children and Rei: Bringing the Rainbow
  • Ep. 25 - Max Suit-Up Complete! The New R1
  • Ep. 38 - Decisive Battle: God Striker Wins!
  • Ep. 50 - The Final Battle: All Vehicles Combine!

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