This article is about a/an ally in Tomica Hero: Rescue Fire.
Gender: Male
Ally Type: Transformation device
Season: Tomica Hero: Rescue Fire
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First Appearance: Tatsuya is Anxious: His Partner is a Very Nagging Robot
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Actor: Reiko Takagi
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Q-Suke also known as Training Model TF-Q is a special Rescue Megaphone with a built in advanced AI and the ability to change into a robot mode. Q-suke was given to Tatsuya Homura to help him become more professional as a member of Rescue Fire.

Korean name: 큐피 (Qpee)


After failing a driving formation drill due to his stubbornness, Tatsuya was given a new kind of Rescue Megaphone by Captain Taiga. The megaphone transforms into a robot called TF-Q. At first, Tatsuya was annoyed with its personality and actions, but later got used to him. The robot was renamed Q-Suke, as his original name sounded too long. Q-Suke accepted his name when Tamami Sugiyama called him by that name.

As Tatsuya and Q-Suke preformed many rescues together, Q-Suke's programming tried to catch up with Tatsuya's burning Rescue Soul that sometimes put him at risk. It became so overwhelming for the robot, that one day, Q-Suke lost its memory. Tatsuya and the team tried to regain it back by going over the arsenal and the members. Q-Suke was able to remember everyone except Tatsuya. Taiga revealed that he knew the reason for the memory loss. Tatsuya, using another Rescue Megaphone, expressed his feelings for Q-Suke and his desire to work with him and begged him to remember. Q-Suke regained back its memory, with no trace of the time of amnesia.


Q-Suke has all the functions of a regular Rescue Megaphone. In its robot mode, it is able to shoot lasers from its eyes and has some kind of propulsion system that allows him to hover or short distance flight.

Personality and Traits

Q-Suke is described as cheeky and talkative by Tatsuya. The robot acknowledges of the right time using final rescues. Q-Suke would protect Tatsuya at all measures. When X-Dragon and GaiaLeon were created, Q-Suke was excited of the prospect of having "little brothers".

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