This article is about a/an transformation item in Tomica Hero: Rescue Fire.

"Fire-(Numeral Designation)!, Chakusō!"
―Transformation activation phrase

―Transformation phrase spoken by the device's A.I.

"(Name of Rescue Vehicle), SCRAMBLE!"
―Voice activation used for summoning a Rescue Vehicle

Rescue Megaphone

The Suit-Up Megaphone Rescue Megaphone (着装メガホン レスキューメガホーン Chakusō Megahon Resukyū Megahōn) or simply the Rescue Megaphone is the UFDA's Rescue Suit equipping tool for the core 3 members of Rescue Fire. Most models are equipped with limited A.I. in order to aid the team in piloting their Rescue Vehicles and to respond to voice commands for specific functions. One notable exception to this is Training Model TF-Q aka Q-Suke, who has more advanced A.I. in order to train and aid Tatsuya Homura.

By shifting the lever on top or a using voice command, the Megaphone can activate different functions:

  • FIRE UP: Transforms the user into their Rescue Suit form upon the command "Suit-Up!" (着装 Chakusō?) and shifitng the lever into its first gear position.
  • DASH GO: Launches a Rescue Dash vehicle from a Rescue Vehicle or from Rescue Phoenix. Activated by shifting the lever into its second gear position and inputting the voice command.
  • SCRAMBLE: Summons a Rescue Vehicle or multiple Rescue Vehicles via voice command after shifting the lever into its third gear position.
  • FINAL RESCUE: Executes the Rescue Vehicles' Final Rescue. Activated by voice command and shifting the lever into its fourth gear position
  • DRAGON UP: Combines the Rescue Vehicles into Rescue Combination vehicles. Activated by the voice command "RESCUE GATTAI!" and shifting the lever into its fifth and final gear position.
  • Life Search: A radar scan mode. Used for locating trapped civilians.

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