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Ritsuka Yuki
Name Ritsuka Yuki
Gender: Female
Season(s): Tomica Hero: Rescue Fire
Color(s): Green
First Appearance: A New Enemy: The Roaring Fire Dragon
Last Appearance:
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Actor: Yu Nakamura

Ritsuka Yuki is the user of the Fire-3 Fire Suit and a member of the UFDA's Rescue Fire squadron.

Character History

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Dubbed "Miss Perfect" and "Miss Cool Beauty" by Yuma, on the surface, Ritsuka has a tough, stern and serious personality and works diligently in training to ensure that she can do her job properly. This has resulted in her getting top scores in combat, marksmanship and rescue drills. Her serious demeanor often gives the misconception by others (mostly by Tatsuya) of her having a completely cold personality, as she often makes comments on her teammates job performances and does not tolerate fools or mistakes that could endanger them or civilians. Deep down though, Ritsuka is a caring person, showing kindness towards children by comforting them in scary situations and being open and friendly towards them.

Ritsuka also has a hidden love of animals, a trait she developed as a child by visiting the zoo and reading books about them, being very knowledgeable on the subject. She also tries to act cool or try to ignore people when she makes mistakes or shows herself to be more than she seems outside her usual demeanor. Like many "dere" Japanese archetype characters found in anime, Ritsuka is frightening when she is angered and will beat down her enemies if they are the cause of her anger. One example was when BananaEn used a banana peel to make her trip, thus humiliating her, she became enraged and started rapidly firing her Tri-Basher to try to destroy it.

Her hostility towards Tatsuya stems from the fact she didn't understand why he was chosen to be the candidate for Fire-1, but she later learns to respect him and treats him as a friend and becomes more open with her teammates.


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Behind the Scenes

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