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Saver Mirai Poster

Saver Mirai on a poster.

Saver Mirai is a Local Hero created by Takara Tomy. His costume was modeled in a similar style to the Tomica Heroes and his design motif is that of a Hyper Rescue worker, a Phoenix and a Hikeshi.

The character was created by the company as way of promoting their Hyper Rescue toyline as well as teaching kids about fire safety by being a mascot for the Osaka Hyper Rescue branch's National Fire Prevention and Control Administration.

Character History

Saver Mirai is a firefighter who was part of the Fire Prevention and Control Administration in the year 2310 until a random time slip hurtled him 300 years into the past to the year 2010. He arrived at the scene of a major disaster in Osaka and saved the citizens with his futuristic gear. He was then made an official member of the Osaka National Fire Prevention and Control Administration in 2012 after two years of rescue work to teach children about fire safety, protect the lives of Osaka and to make his future time a better place.[1]

Saver Mirai

Saver Mirai

Saver Mirai

Arsenal[2] [3]

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  • Design wise with the phoenix motif and the belt buckle with a phoenix crest, Saver Mirai's costume loosely resembles a Gatchaman Bird Style outfit.
  • Many confused Western tokusatsu fans thought that Saver Mirai was a new hero who would star in a third entry of the Tomica Hero Series when he was first revealed. Sadly though, Takara Tomy had absolutely no plans for a third series due to the commercial failure of Rescue Fire and the rumor was swiftly debunked.


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Behind the Scenes

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