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Single Blow Certain Victory! Dragon Cannon!
Madan Senki Ryukendo, Episode 06
MSR 06
Air date February 12, 2006
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That Guy's the Rival
I Summon You! Gorilla JuuOh!

Single Blow Certain Victory! Dragon Cannon! (一撃必勝!ドラゴンキャノン! Ichigeki Hisshō! Doragon Kyanon!?) is the sixth episode of Madan Senki Ryukendo. It features the debut of Ryuguno's finisher, the episode-titled Dragon Cannon.


The JAmanga have unleashed a monster that turns humans into balloons and is immune to normal gunfire. As it is too high to be attacked directly by Ryukendo, SHOT takes a risk by using Ryuguno's new Madan Key to unleash a superpowered blast called the Dragon Cannon. A problem occurs when Dr. Worm reveals the citizens affected by the balloon spell will explode! Juushiro has a limited amount of time to master the dangerous technique before time runs out!


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