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Rescue Force


  • Rescue Striker
    Rescue Stirker spelling

    Rescue Striker's name on a computer screen in the first episode.

Rescue Fire


  • Riku Taiga
    Taiga Spelling

    The Captain's name on the Fire-1 Test Results File.


  • Fire Dragon, Dozer Dragon, and Turbo Dragon
  • RF Vehicle spellings

    Screen shot of the names of the three rescue vehicles on a computer screen.

    Super Fire Dragon
    Rescue! 3 Vehicle Gattai!

    Super Fire Dragon's name on Q-Suke's video screen.

  • GaiaLeon
    GaiaLeon Spelling

    UFDA file with GaiaLeon's name on the cover.

  • Great Wyvern
    Great Wyvern Spelling

    Great Wyvern's name on a computer screen.

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