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Takara-Tomy is a toy manufacturing company established in 2006 from the merger of two toy companies; Tomy, one of the oldest toy companies in Japan dating back to its founding in 1924, and Takara; the toy company responsible for manufacturing some of the world's most popular licensed toylines such as Beyblade and Pokemon.

The toy company is a frequent partner with American toy manufacturer Hasbro, being the creator of the original Transformers toyline and licensing it to Hasbro. Takara Tomy also owns Tatsunoko Productions, an anime studio responsible for titles such as the Gatchaman series and Casshern Sins.

In 2006, the new company tried to take on its rival Bandai, who long had success with the Super SentaiIcon-crosswiki and Kamen RiderIcon-crosswiki series. They did so by producing their own tokusatsu series, Madan Senki Ryukendo and a coinciding toyline. While the show was not a complete success, the toy sales were decent enough for Takara-Tomy to try again with its Tomica Hero Series, loosely based on their Tomica Hyper Rescue toyline. Unfortunately, after Rescue Fire, the company pulled out of the project due to low ratings and sales and thus the series was cancelled.

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