This article is about a/an video game in Tomica Hero: Rescue Force.
Tomica Hero: Rescue Force DS
Series: Tomica Hero: Rescue Force
Developer(s): Takara Tomy
Publisher(s): Takara Tomy
Release date: November 20, 2008
Genre: Mini-game
Game modes:

Tomica Hero: Rescue Force DS is a 2008 action mini-game collection based on the Rescue Force TV series. The game was released for the Nintendo DS.


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The game consists of a collection of mini-games played though a re-creation of TV episodic stories:

  • Core Striker: Players control Core Striker to chase and knock down a fleeing enemy on the highway while avoiding hazards before time runs out. The game is controlled by holding down the stylus on the touchscreen to steer Core Striker
  • Rescue Striker: Players control Rescue Striker and use its water guns to put out fires in each building before time runs out. Tap the stylus on the windows that have flames coming out or hold it down and fire a stream of water
  • Rescue Drill:
  • Rescue Turbo: Players spin the fan propeller of Rescue Turbo clockwise or counter-clockwise to fire bursts of wind left or right at the target.
  • Rescue Riser: Players use the stylus to control Rescue Riser's ladder to save people trapped in a building while a blazing inferno is moving towards them, the player must save the total number of people in the building before time runs out.
  • Rescue Shovel: Players must clear the roads using Rescue Shovel by tapping on the debris, but they have to do it in a specific order and move it left or right as instructed before time runs out or its Game Over.
  • Final Rescue:A mini-game that follows all the Rescue Vehicle stages. This game requires the player to line up and tap the two crosshairs on the target until they get a Lock On and fill the meter to 9999 to activate the Final Rescue.



  • This marks the only media appearance of the non-canon Core Striker Max: Max Fire Version Core vehicle


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