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"Standby! Tri-Basher!"
―Activation call[src]

"DRAGON CHARGE! Blizzard (Slash/Bullet)!"
―Activation phrase for a Blizzard attack[src]

Tri-Basher (Standby)

Tri-Basher (Standby)

The Rescue Fire Extinguisher Tri-Basher (レスキュー消火器トライバッシャー Resukyū Shōkaki Torai Basshā?) or simply the Tri-Basher is a Rescue Tool and default weapon used by the Rescue Fire team.


  • Standby Mode: The Tri-Basher's default mode when it is holstered in the backpack oxygen tanks on the Fire Suit's right shoulder.
  • Gun Mode:
    Tri-Basher (Gun)

    Gun Mode

    Pulling the pin on the Tri-Basher and moving it downward activates the Tri-Basher's Gun Mode. In this mode, it fires bullets of a special fire extinguishing coolant. Its Dragon Charge attack is the Blizzard Bullet, a super-charged freeze blast that can send enemies flying or put out large areas of fire.
  • Sword Mode: (ソードモード Sōdo Mōdo?)
    Tri-Basher (Sword)

    Sword Mode

    Pulling the pin on the Tri-Basher and moving it upward activates the Tri-Basher's Sword Mode. In this mode, the Tri-Basher acts as an ice beam sword, freezing anything it hits. Its Dragon Change attack in this mode is the Blizzard Slash, an icy sword beam attack.
  • Fire Extinguisher Mode (消火器モード Shōkaki Mōdo?)
    Extinguisher Mode

    Extinguisher Mode

    : By unlatching the hose attachment while in Standby mode, the Tri-Basher can become a powerful fire extinguisher capable of putting out massive fires over a wide area.

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