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Wave Search and Power Search
Wave Search and Power Search
Number: none assigned
Pilot: N/A
Season: Tomica Hero: Rescue Force
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
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Length: m
Width: m
Height: m
Weight: tons

Wave Search and Power Search are drone support vehicles used by the Rescue Force Team.


The two robots are usually inside in the trailer of Rescue Striker until summoned by their respective Rescue Cards via the Rescue Commander.

Wave Search is a water truck drone that puts out small fires over a wide area using its high pressure water cannon. Power Search is an excavator shovel drone that goes around clearing minor debris caused by a Super Disaster so Rescue Force can reach trapped civilians or blocked off areas. Both drones are equipped with sensors for scanning and scouting the disaster area for life signs or anything that requires Rescue Force's immediate attention.


As a standard, neither of the duo do anything too important, only being summoned every once in a while to search for and save citizens off-screen.

Rescue Cards

By swiping the Wave Search and Power Search cards into the Rescue Commander's reader, both vehicles can be summoned and activated. They deploy from Rescue Striker's trailer, usually during the start of a rescue operation.


  • Wave Search and Power Search are based on actual remote controlled drone vehicles used by Hyper Rescue crews, the Dragon water hose drone and the Saver excavator robot drone.


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