This article is about a/an episode in Tomica Hero: Rescue Force.
What Happened Hikaru? No Striker Today
Tomica Hero: Rescue Force, Episode 15
Air date July 12, 2008
Episode Guide
A New Enemy: Will Kyosuke Make it in Time?
Rei and Juri: Danger Zone Friendship Power

What Happened Hikaru? No Striker Today is the fifteenth episode of Tomica Hero: Rescue Force.


The Three Executives are reactivated and upgraded by the mysterious Daen and sent on a mission to destroy Rescue Force. After the events of last episode, Hikaru is seemingly worried that Core Striker and Rescue Striker are in maintenance because of him. Rei tries to cheer him up by taking him to an amusement park for a "date" but they are ambushed by Neo Thera and a Terra Resetter is planted in their location.


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Rescue Vehicles Used

  • Core Aider
  • Rescue Saver
  • Before battling the Three Executives, Hikaru says: "As long as Rescue Force is here, you guys will not have your way!" This is a play on the famous introduction line of the anime heroes of Yatterman: "As long as Yatterman exists, evil will not succeed!!"


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