This article is about a/an mecha in Tomica Hero: Rescue Fire.
RFire-X-Dragon Vehicle
Number: none assigned
Pilot: Fire-1
Season: Tomica Hero: Rescue Fire
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
Number of Episode

Full list of appearances
Length: 23.5 m
30 m
Width: n/a m
Height: n/a m
Weight: 72 tons
Speed: 250 km/h
200 km/h

The X-Dragon (エクスドラゴン Ekusu Doragon) is a large-scale ambulance Rescue Vehicle with AI and VVEL engine assigned to Fire-1, who possessed a strong enough Rescue Soul to use it. It can also remote control it through the Rescue Megaphone. It can assume either Vehicle Mode (ビークルモード Bīkuru Mōdo), able to shield itself generating the Safety Field (セイフティフィールド? Seifuti Fīrudo) and shoot the Drain Water, and Drill Mode (ドリルモード Doriru Mōdo).


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X-Dragon Robo

RFire-X-Dragon Robo
Fire Dragon
Pilot: Fire-1
Height: 20 m
Weight: 72 tons
Speed: 200 km/h

The X-Dragon can transform into the humanoid Robot Mode (ロボットモード Robotto Mōdo) named X-Dragon Robo (エクスドラゴンロボ Ekusu Doragon Robo), able to execute the Final Rescue X Meteor Punch (エクス流星パンチ Ekusu Ryūsei Panchi), which it delivers a powerful fiery punch to the enemy.

Rescue King

RFire-Rescue King
Rescue King
Combined From: Fire Dragon
Pilot: Fire-1 X
Height: 28 m
Weight: 120 tons
Speed: 200 km/h

The Rescue King is the humanoid combination of the Fire Dragon and the X-Dragon. Its weapon is the King X-Basher (キングエクスバッシャー Kingu Ekusu Basshā) and its Final Rescue is the X Crash (エクスクラッシュ Ekusu Kurasshu), during which Fire-1 X charges the X-Basher and finishes the opponent with a freezing cross slash. Riding on GaiaLeon, Rescue King can combine their signature Final Rescues to execute the Double Impact Double Final Rescue.

Additional Formations


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