This article is about a/an episode in Tomica Hero: Rescue Fire.
Yuma's Promise: Count on Dozer Dragon
Tomica Hero: Rescue Fire, Episode 04
THRFire 04
Air date April 25, 2009
Written by Yasushi Hirano
Directed by Hideki Oka
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Mama, the Crow, and Everyone are Working Hard

Yuma's Promise: Count on Dozer Dragon is the fourth episode of Tomica Hero: Rescue Fire. It features the debut of Fire-2's Rescue Vehicle, Dozer Dragon.


Dozer Dragon has been completed and Yuma is eager to use his new vehicle, but a fatal flaw in the Rescue Vehicle's cooling systems prevents it from being deployed. Ukaen plans on using modern technology against humans by transmitting Extreme Fires through cell phones, then target the Sky Highnet Tower to broadcast fires across the globe. With the situation dire, Yuma has to try and use Dozer Dragon despite the dangerous flaw.


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